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Lead UX Designer


Search TV Shows & Movies - Android

A modern search capability with clean and intuitive UI.


UI Designer


Key Contributions

1 Designer

Android Devs (remote)

Heuristic evaluations

UI designing


3 months


Recent & Trending Searches

Dynamic Search and filters

2a)Spider type.png
2b)Spider type keypad down.png
2d)Spider type keypad down scoll effect.

Text prediction and spell correction

3b) spell check wishlist.png

Early Iterations

These designs did not make it to the final mocks, purely based on the feedback from testing. Users come to search a specific show/movie with very little expectation from the app to suggest something different. They want to get to the show/movie screen as quickly as possible. Providing links to collections, trending, etc. was not serving their primary purpose. Helping users with recent search results and few auto-curated trending searches did the job. 

Designs that were tested early on in the process

Thank You

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